MoviesA Dangerous Man (2009)
A Dangerous Man (2009)

A Dangerous Man (2009)

94min | Action, Crime, Thriller | February 2009 | IMDb : 5.1

After serving 6 years for a crime he didn't commit, Shane Daniels is released from jail with an apology from the State of Arizona. Within hours of his freedom, he unluckily bears witness to a cop killing by Chinese mafia who have a kidnapped girl and a bag of drug money.

Director: Keoni Waxman

Cast: Steven Seagal, Mike Dopud, Marlaina Mah, Vitaly Kravchenko, Jesse Hutch, Terry Chen, Byron Mann, Byron Lawson, Jerry Wasserman, Shawn C. Orr, Vincent Cheng, Dan Rizzuto, Fraser Aitcheson, Aidan Dee, Clay Virtue

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