MoviesLa fille de nulle part (2012)
La fille de nulle part (2012)

La fille de nulle part (2012)

91min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | February 2012 | IMDb : 6.2

Michel, a retired math teacher, has lived alone since his wife's death & occupies his time writing an essay about the beliefs that shape daily life. One day he comes across Dora, a young homeless woman, who shows up injured on his doorstep, & puts her up until she recovers. Her presence brings something new to Michel's life, but gradually the apartment becomes the site of mysterious happenings.

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau

Cast: Virginie Legeay, Claude Morel, Lise Bellynck, Anne Berry, Emmanuel Noblet, S├ębastien Bailly, Jean-Claude Brisseau

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