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Lost (2018)

Lost (2018)

0min | Drama | July 2018 | IMDb : -

A young boy named Job that is trying to raise himself after a tragic accident destroys his family unit. As a result of Job's downfalls in life, he became homeless at the age of 12. Flash forward to his teen years, Job finds a mentor in an old Drunk, whom is also homeless but somehow fills an empty void of family in Jobs life.

Director: Aaron Avont Johnson

Cast: Montovia Alexander, Frantzdy Alexandre, Jahkiyla Atwaters, Marty Glenn Davis, Fernando Guillen, Regina Hodges, Karen Hunte, Genji Jacques, Mireya Kilmon, Brenai Owens, Jayden Russell, Shantrell, Joseph Thomas, LaToya Ward, Anne-Marie Whitby

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