Movies6 Ways to Sundown (2015)
6 Ways to Sundown (2015)

6 Ways to Sundown (2015)

103min | Action, Crime, Thriller | July 2015 | IMDb : -

Sonny "Sundown" Garcia is the top North American narcotics distributor for the Colombian cartels. He has created the most efficient and productive distribution pipeline since the era of the Cocaine Cowboys. John Doe is a man of mystery. His identity and history are unknown. All we know is that he wants Sundown dead and six feet under. But before he does so, he wants to make Sundown feel every thing that he felt, suffer every thing that he suffered and lose everything that he lost.

Director: Nadeem Soumah

Cast: Vinnie Jones, Michael Rene Walton, Vivica A. Fox, Tom Sizemore, Bai Ling, Dominique Swain, Melissa Mars, Peter Dobson, Chris Jai Alex, Jose Rosete, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Kinga Philipps, Jeff Galfer, Vinny Silva, Sandra Valladares

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