Movies10 Year Reunion (2016)
10 Year Reunion (2016)

10 Year Reunion (2016)

0min | Thriller | May 2016 | IMDb : -

Four young women who were inseparable friends in school return home for their high school reunion with plans to unearth a time capsule hiding their deepest, darkest secrets, one of which holds the key to uncovering the mystery behind their best friend's tragic death ten years before.

Director: Jake Helgren

Cast: Kacey Clarke, Kayla Ewell, Jillian Nelson, Anya Engel-Adams, Johnny Pacar, Bryce Durfee, Abigail Klein, Thea Gill, Leonel Claude, Yolanda English, Kate Hamilton, Mayra Juarez, Diana Lado, Dez Mabunga, Gary Palmer

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