MoviesThe Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam (2005)
The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam (2005)

The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam (2005)

95min | Adventure, Drama, Family | December 2004 | IMDb : 6.9

Kamran is a 12 year old boy in the present day who discovers that his ancestor is the 11th Century Mathematician, Astronomer, Poet of Persia, Omar Khayyam. The story has been passed down in his family from one generation to another, and now it is his responsibility to keep the story alive for future generations.

Director: Kayvan Mashayekh

Cast: Adam Echahly, Bruno Lastra, Moritz Bleibtreu, Rade Serbedzija, Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Simpson, Marie Espinosa, Diane Baker, C. Thomas Howell, Kevin Anding, Puya Behinaein, Daniel Black, Dariush Iran Nezhad, Richard Dillard, Furkal Fayziev

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