MoviesChildren of the Corn: The Gathering (1996)
Children of the Corn: The Gathering (1996)

Children of the Corn: The Gathering (1996)

85min | Horror, Thriller | October 1996 | IMDb : 4.2

All the kids in a town over night become feverish and have convulsions. The next day they start to become evil, change their names for those of kids killed long ago, and then start killing any adult in their path, in vicious and mysterious forms.

Director: Greg Spence

Cast: Naomi Watts, Jamie Renée Smith, Karen Black, Mark Salling, Brent Jennings, Toni Marsh, Lewis Flanagan III, Brandon Kleyla, William Windom, Salle Ellis, Marietta Marich, Jonathan Patterson, Joshua Patterson, Kay Bower, Samaria Graham

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