MoviesA Merry Christmas Match (2019)
A Merry Christmas Match (2019)

A Merry Christmas Match (2019)

0min | Drama | October 2019 | IMDb : -

Corey who works in her mom's antique shop, puts on a Christmas pageant in honor of her late father. When a man named Ryder visits her store, she wonders if she should have left town to follow her dream of becoming a theater director.

Director: Jake Helgren

Cast: Ashley Newbrough, Kyle Dean Massey, Lindsey Gort, John DeLuca, Stepfanie Kramer, Ashley Fink, Spencer Squire, Alice Hunter, Courtney Hope, Kathleen Kinmont, Matt McCoy, Autumn Federici, Brian Dare, Mandalynn Carlson, Piper the Dog

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