Mrs. Fletcher (2019)

Mrs. Fletcher (2019)

A single mom whose son has moved out for college looks to begin a new life on her own.

Cast: Kathryn Hahn, Jen Richards, Owen Teague, Jackson White, Casey Wilson, Ifádansi Rashad, Domenick Lombardozzi, Katie Kershaw, Erica Nicole Lance, Brett Temple, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Emma G. Kingsley, Rory Knox, Danny Marin, Kelly Lamor Wilson

07Season 1

Welcome Back

December 8, 2019

Eve celebrates a life-changing decision. Brendan has an epiphany about college. Sanjay does a good deed.

06Season 1

Solar Glow

December 1, 2019

While helping her friend Jane through a marital crisis, Eve is distracted by a series of flirtatious texts. Brendan and Chloe have a study date..

05Season 1

Invisible Fence

November 25, 2019

Eve gets out of her comfort zone, joining Margo at a hip party in Brooklyn. Brendan and Chloe have an unexpected encounter at a college event promoting body-positivity.

04Season 1

Parents' Weekend

November 17, 2019

Eve and her colleague Amanda, attend a wake. Meanwhile, Brendan reconnects with Ted at Parents' Weekend, and Margo and Curtis go on a first date.

03Season 1

Care Package

November 10, 2019

Brendan visits a peer support group and makes a new friend. After a troubling encounter with her ex-husband, Ted, Eve bonds with her community college writing class at a local bar.

02Season 1

Free Sample

November 3, 2019

While Brendan gets settled at BSU, Eve finds herself torn between the fantasy world of internet porn and the prospect of a real-life date. Roy Rafferty gets into some trouble at the Senior Center.

01Season 1

Empty Best

October 27, 2019

On the day before her son leaves for college, Eve Fletcher has to deal with some inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Brendan (Jackson White) runs into an ex-girlfriend at a party.