David Makes Man (2019)

David Makes Man (2019)

A young prodigy living in Florida looks for a way out of his poor neighborhood.

Cast: Alana Arenas, Ade Chike Torbert, Travis Coles, Cayden K. Williams, Akili McDowell, Nathaniel Logan McIntyre, Gillian Williams, Lindsey Blackwell, Jimel Atkins, Vonii Bristow, Logan Rozos, Frederick Williams, Nick Creegan, Kimaya Naomi, Teshi Thomas, Daniel Augustin, Isabella Cruz

06Season 1

When It All Falls

September 18, 2019

When It All Falls

05Season 1

Love or Poetize These Hoes

September 11, 2019

Home after losing her job, Gloria takes an active role in her sons' personal lives; David attends the school dance with his crush, Tare; Sky gives advice to David about how to talk to girls and reveals more about his relationship with Raynan.

04Season 1


September 4, 2019

Gloria's difficult day turns catastrophic when she is fired by her boss, leaving her home life in jeopardy; Raynan reminds David that he can't run away from his responsibilities.

03Season 1


August 28, 2019

David sees a psychiatrist. Dr. Woods-Trap mandates that David include Seren in his class project, helping to repair that relationship.

02Season 1

Dai Out

August 21, 2019

David and his little brother, JG, visit JG's grandfather in Overtown, and they are joined by Raynan; later, Raynan and David visit Raynan's uncle, who wants David to participate in a drug operation.

01Season 1

Pilot - David's Sky

August 14, 2019

David has a physical altercation at school with his best friend Seren. At home, David is a lookout for The Ville at the request of Raynan. Plus, the truth about Sky is revealed.