Queen Sono (2020)

Queen Sono (2020)

A drama about a secret agent who fights crime while dealing with crises in her personal life.

Cast: Kate Liquorish, Shane John Kruger, Natasha Loring, Tuks Tad Lungu, Pearl Thusi, Steven John Ward

06Season 1

State of Emergency

February 28, 2020

Queen and her teammates take matters into their own hands to stop an impending attack. A dangerous visitor knocks on Mazet's door.

05Season 1

Sugar Water

February 28, 2020

When an attack hits a Johannesburg train station, Ekaterina spots an opportunity. Queen confronts Sid about her mother's death.

04Season 1


February 28, 2020

In Queen's early days with the Special Operations Group, she and Shandu risk their lives protecting a corrupt deputy president.

03Season 1

The Devil's Toys

February 28, 2020

Pretending to be a journalist, Queen interviews Ekaterina and puts herself in harm's way. Shandu grapples with his loyalties.

02Season 1

Dying Is Sore

February 28, 2020

Elton Davenport's past comes to light after Queen's recon mission in Harare unravels. On the heels of tragedy, Ekaterina makes a deal with Shandu.

01Season 1

I Am Queen Sono

February 28, 2020

Elite spy Queen Sono fulfills an intel mission in Zanzibar and makes a shocking discovery about Hendrikus, the man imprisoned for her mother's murder.